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afco offers a wide range of services including training modules for employee empowerment.
Les prestations d’afco cover all activities related to the design, construction and acceptance of projects in construction and industry.

afco operates according to a quality system whose standard is the standard NF EN ISO/CEI 17020 : general criteria for the operation of different types of bodies carrying out the inspection.

Technical control building construction and VRD

afco aims to warn the client of the technical risks that may occur in a construction project and that can lead to several incidents. The mission of technical control is carried out according to several fields such as the solidity, the security of the people vis-à-vis the risks of panic and fire, operation of the equipments, saving of energy, etc. The types of construction involved in the mission are: Buildings, Villas, Hangars, etc .; The bodies of state concerned by the technical control are: the structure, the frame, the cover, the facades, the coatings, the electricity, the plumbing, the air conditioning, the safety of the people, the VRD, etc.

Work of art:

afco through the experience of its staff develops a proven expertise in the field of control structures. Works of art concern bridges and viaducts, retaining structures, reservoirs, water towers, dams, etc .; The solidity mission makes it possible to check the design and the construction of structures to avoid any kind of hazards during the construction operation.


According to the regulations in force: The design, adequacy, installation, environment, safety measures, operation and authorization of operating personnel

Construction cranes:

According to the regulations in force: The adequacy, the conservation, the security measures, the exploitation and the authorization of the operating personnel

The technical diagnoses any body of state (TCE) and real estate estimates

Diagnostics techniques tout corps d’etat ( TCE) - AF-CO Afrique Contrôle

afco is specialized in the evaluation of the state of conservation of the works and technical installations in order to define their conformity with the regulation. Our structure is composed of a team of engineers specialized in structure and secondary body of state to diagnose the causes of disorders or malfunction and are able to propose realistic and durable solutions.


The main professional responsibilities of a building inspector or industry consist of the inspection of visible and accessible structures

Real estate appraisal

afco has a database through projects already tracked, giving it a know-how in the valuation of real estate and movable property.

Inspection et évaluation immobilère - AF-CO Afrique Contrôle
Les ouvrages en génie civil - AF-CO Afrique Contrôle

Technical installations

afco carries out technical and normative inspections and verifications with the objective of monitoring, regulatory compliance and reliability of equipment, materials, industrial installations, building receiving the public

Works in civil engineering (structural work and second work)

It will be for the inspector to make sure of the good compliance with the regulations and to proceed with the inventory to provide an objective technical opinion.

Assistance to the project owner

The assistant to the owner ensures the coordination between the different members of the design team and ensures the good progress of the studies:

  • project progress
  • construction permit
  • business consultation file
  • assistance in bid analysis and analysis report
  • opening and monitoring of the project
  • follow-up of the gluing file
  • technical receptions at the end, provisional and final receptions, and preparation of an end-of-work report.

As the project progresses, the assistant to the client checks that the elements of the project program are taken into account.

L’assistance à la maîtrise d’ouvrage - AF-CO Afrique Contrôle
conseil audit - AF-CO Afrique Contrôle

advice and audit in quality management system, safety and the environment

In this context afco experts, step by step provide support for certification, and other consulting missions. They help you design a simple, efficient, and operational system for getting the certification you want on the first try.

Afco's experts are all IRCA auditors and also conduct certification audits. Companies benefit from a perfect knowledge of the requirements of the standards on which they wish to be certified. Support takes between 6 and 12 months depending on the size of the company.

Periodic and Regulatory Audits

In this context, the entrepreneur is required to seek in good time any deterioration of the installations, equipment or work environments likely to present a risk, and to eliminate as soon as possible any defect that may affect the safety and health of workers.

The purpose of the periodic checks and inspections is to ensure that equipment and installations remain in conformity and to intervene in the event of a defect.

Periodic regulatory audits concern the following facilities:

vérifications périodiques - AF-CO Afrique Contrôle

Periodic regulatory audits concern the following facilities:

  • Regulatory and periodic verification of electrical installations
  • Regulatory and periodic inspection of fire safety installations (backup, detection, servoing, alarm and fire protection equipment, etc.)
  • regulatory and periodic verification of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems)
  • regulatory and periodic verification of sanitary plumbing installations (booster station, distribution system and faucets, evacuation network
  • periodic verification of elevators and lifting devices (elevators, elevators, lift tables, aerial work platforms, traveling cranes, trolleys
  • periodic verification of pressure vessels
  • periodic verification of electrical installations 12 by infrared thermography

Interventions in the oil sector

Secteur pétrôlier - AF-CO Afrique Contrôle

Support hydrocarbon companies, marketers and supply chains in improving their operational performance (QHSE, production, integrity, OPEX) at sites and industrial bases


It concerns authorizations in industries that concern electricity and CACES for the driving of machines. Afco has appropriate modules and trainers in this area.

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Formation - AF-CO Afrique Contrôle

Electrical Enabling, CACES Enabling Technical Training and Management

Management courses are offered to managers to enable them to have the necessary tools for effective management of teams on a daily basis, to develop and improve leadership, motivate and effectively stimulate teams to increase productivity. 

For the animation of these trainings, AFRICA CONTROL makes available its network of certified experts (National and International).

The trainings we deliver:

  • Quality, Environment(reference standard, regulatory knowledge, audit)
  • Occupational Health Safety (reference standard, regulatory knowledge, audit, single document, CHSCT)
  • Lifeguard
  • Fire (fire fighting, evacuation)
  • Chemical risk
  • Defensive driving

Human resources

Workplace fire is a very worrying and ongoing topic. The risks are to be limited.

  • How to prevent fire risks?
  • How to protect your equipment and personnel from the fire risk?
  • How to reduce your company's vulnerability to fire?
  • How to make sure that the installations comply with the requirements of the texts?

With its technical and regulatory expertise, afco supports you to anticipate and control the fire risk and offers solutions recognized by APSAD, to analyze and control the vulnerability of your company.


afco has a competent staff to carry out all the aforementioned missions and thus has a proven experience. This staff is made up of Engineers whose professional background has been carried out in renowned International Design and Control Offices.

Assurances - AF-CO Afrique Contrôle

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