Nos formations et habilitations


Elle concerne les habilitations en industries, en l’électricité et la formation à la conduite des engins (permis G). afco dispose de modules appropriés et des formateurs compétents dans ce domaine.

Les habilitations électriques , Les habilitations a la conduite de engins, formation technique et management

Management courses are offered to managers to enable them to have the necessary tools for effective management of teams on a daily basis, to develop and improve leadership, motivate and effectively stimulate teams to increase productivity. 

For the animation of these trainings, AFRICA CONTROL makes available its network of certified experts (National and International).

The trainings we deliver:

  • Qualité, Environnement (reference standard, regulatory knowledge, audit)
  • Occupational Health Safety (reference standard, regulatory knowledge, audit, single document, CHSCT)
  • Secouriste (SST)
  • Fire (fire fighting, evacuation)
  • Chemical risk
  • Defensive driving   

Nos catalogues de formation

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